OCG (Osaka Cool Guys)

OCG (Osaka Cool Guys) are an acoustic band formed by 4 members.
Because their instruments are light, they normally play like a "MOBILE BAND" such as House Party, Pub and Bar...
They mainly play a variety of famous songs with OCG taste, and few original songs.
Their music always make people happy and smile.
"Make People Smile with Music". This is their biggest goal.

OCG (Osaka Cool Guys) は オークランドで活動する4人構成のアコースティックバンド。
装備が軽いので、MOBILE BAND的に、主にHOUSE PARTY,PUB,BAR等、どこでも演奏しています。
”Make People Smile with Music”が彼らの最大の目標です。

Stage Demonstrations