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The 18th Japan Day is coming to the EDEN PARK.

Date : Sunday 3rd March 2019

Venue : Eden Park (near Kingsland Train Station) Auckland, New Zealand

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Japan Day is New Zealand's largest Japanese Festival attended annually by tens of thousands of people.

Japan Day first came about in 2001 at ASB Stadium, and shifted to the Cloud and Shed 10 on Auckland's Waterfront in 2015.

We are thrilled to be able to hold Japan Day 2019 at Eden Park, the home of Rugby, in the same year as Japan hosts the Rugby World Cup.

As this is a the first time for Japan Day to be at this venue we will need to plan accordingly. We need your help to make Japan Day 2019 a success.

We are currently building an event website and Facebook page, and we plan to use these to make event announcements. Get ready for a fantastic Japan Day event!

Japan Day Committee

2001年にASB Stadiumで誕生したJAPAN DAYは毎年数万人もの来場者を数える人気イベントとなり、2015年にはCLOUDとSHED10に会場を移し、ニュージーランドで最大の日本フェスティバルになりました。


この記念すべき年にラグビーの聖地Eden ParkでJAPAN DAYを開催できるのは非常にうれしいことです。

新しい場所となるため、手探りで準備を進めているところですが、皆さまの協力を得てJAPAN DAY 2019を是非成功させたいと思っています。




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Auckland日本人会のマスコット・キャラクター 『Happyn (ハッピン)』

Happyn Taisou(はっぴん体操)