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Held on SUN 25 Feb 2024!


Celebrating Japanese Culture and Charms ~ 日本の文化と魅力を楽しむ祭典です

JAPAN DAY, now in its 21st time, is a one-day festival in Auckland, New Zealand, dedicated to celebrating and enjoying the culture and charm of Japan. JAPAN DAY 2024 is scheduled for Sunday 25th February 2024!

 21回目を迎えるJAPAN DAYはニュージーランドのオークランドで開催される、日本の文化と魅力を楽しむための1日限りの祭典です。次回開催日は2024年2月25日(日)に決定しました!

Diversity and Tradition of Japan

At JAPAN DAY, you can immerse yourself in the various aspects of Japanese culture, from traditional arts, music, and dance to anime and pop culture. Participants will also have the opportunity to experience traditional Japanese activities such as mochitsuki (rice cake pounding) and authentic tea ceremonies (details are to be confirmed).

Delicious Japanese Food Festival

JAPAN DAY offers a chance to savor authentic Japanese cuisine. We will have various food stalls and booths that will serve Japanese sake, sushi, okonomiyaki, takoyaki, traditional Japanese sweets and even demonstrate of mochitsuki.

Entertainment and Activities

The event stage will be filled with entertainment, including powerful taiko drum performances, Yosakoi Soran dance, music concerts, and demonstrations of Aikido, among many other exciting activities (details are to be confirmed).


JAPAN DAY will feature the sale of imported Japanese food, goods, handmade crafts, artwork, fashion items, and more.


Sunday 25th February 2024, is a wonderful opportunity to experience the charms of Japan at JAPAN DAY 2024. Come with your family and friends to enjoy new cultures and delicious food.


JAPAN DAYでは、日本の伝統的な芸術、音楽、舞踊、料理はもちろんアニメやポップカルチャーなど、日本の多彩な側面まで楽しむことができます。参加者は餅つきや本格的な茶道など日本の伝統的なアクティビティを体験することもできます(詳細未定)。


JAPAN DAYでは、日本の本格グルメも大いに楽しむことができます。数々の屋台や飲食ブースでは、日本酒、寿司、お好み焼き、たこ焼き、和菓子そして餅つきの実演など、日本の伝統的な料理を楽しむことができます。




JAPAN DAYでは、日本からの輸入食品や雑貨や手作りの工芸品、アート、ファッションアイテムなどの販売も予定しています。



We will gradually release more detailed information and schedules on this website. We are currently accepting applications for exhibitors, stalls, and partners! To apply, please visit the menu below or the top menu on this page.



パートナー・出店・ブースのお申込みを開始しました > 参加者情報


Application form for partners/stalls/booths is now OPEN > Participation Info

We are currently in the process of reviewing applications for stage performance. We will announce further details on this website once a decision is made, so please stay tuned for updates.

Date: Sunday 25th February 2024
Time: 10:30am
Venue: The Trusts Arena
  65-67 Central Park Drive, Henderson, Auckland
Admission: FREE

Participant Information

Please contact us for any inquiries, thank you!

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