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※Cultural Display Stall

If you are interested in Cultural Display Stall, please contact us via contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Cultural Display Stall をご希望の方は「問い合わせフォーム」よりご連絡ください。追って、Japan Day実行委員よりご連絡いたします。


If you like to apply as a partner and has not been recognised by us for the Japan Day 2020, please contact us via Contact Form before entering this application form.

パートナーとして参加をご希望で、まだ Japan day 2020の実行委員会とお話をされてない方は、この申請書を記入する前に、まず「問い合わせフォーム」よりご連絡くださいませ。

※Related Documents

Before filling the Application Form, please read the documents on the following pages.


Currently the spaces for stalls are fully booked.  
Should you wish to be on the waiting list, please make a note "To be on the waiting list" and your desired space number when applying. 
We will contact as soon as the space becomes available by end of November.

The deadline for application for your stalls is 15th November. Please make sure that you apply before the deadline.