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Floor plan

Please see the layout image on right (below) which shows approximate location of sections. Actual floor plan will be coming soon.

Space booking status

You can see the booking status below.

Food stalls, please choose from F (orange).

General stalls, please choose from from G (green).

Areas in Grey cannot be chosen (already reserved).

・Gas / flame cookers are only allowed to use outdoor.

・Electric flameless cookers are allowed both indoor and outdoor.

・Electric appliances must be up to 2400W in single phase 240V.

フード出店は、 F (オレンジ色) からお選びください。

物販出店は、 G (緑色) からお選びください。





Please note that the booking will not be confirmed until the payment has been received.


予約はご入金が確認でき次第確定となりますので予めご了承ください 。

Space Allocation Map 2022