Notes Regarding Cosplay

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  • Visitors are not allowed to bring in any cosplay items of hard material (e.g metal and wood) of over 1 metre in length as they could potentially be used as weapons even if they are part of the costume.

  • Any cosplay items of softer material (e.g. plastic) that are over 2 metres in length are prohib- ited in any case within the area of the event.

  • If we find a visitor that holds an item that fits the descriptions above within the area of the event, we will escort him/her to the admin office and hold the item until he/she leaves the event.

  • If we find any item that resembles a weapon (a gun, arrow, sword etc) or someone carrying an item that has not been approved, we may take the holder aside to inspect the item, and once we are convinced that the item is safe we will grant the person permission to carry the item within the area of event.

  • Cosplayers who want to bring in potentially hazardous items for the purpose of their booth or performance need to inform their allocated officer and also their safety plan of these items.

  • Only approved items are permitted within the area of the event.

  • Any other items that the Japan Day committee regards as hazardous may be confiscated. (we will give it back to you when you leave)

  • If we find someone, or a visitor reports someone wielding a cosplay item in a reckless or dan- gerous manner, we may escort you to the admin office, and confiscate the item until the end of the event.

  • We take no responsibility for any accidents, injuries or damages dealt to the cosplay items caused by items or actions that fit the descriptions above.